Android File Transfers – Transfer Files From Android To PC

Android File Transfers – Your mobile phone is a small computer in your hand -with the power of android software it means you can easy transfer files to PC just plug your phone into any Windows or Mac operating system and drag and drop files.

Android file transfers for Windows computers

With the help of windows operating system it meant easy as can be, simply connect your mobile to the computer with the help of USB cable. after connecting your mobile phone to computer just swipe your lock screen and unlock your mobile.

After unlocking your smartphone go to notification just swipe down your finger from the top of the screen,and you see all the notification, after going to the notification you see the option like USB connection. At this point, it’ll will only tell you about your phone is connected only for charging.

To explore the options Just tab on the notification and then select “Transfer files” in the menu that appears.

Now, next turn to your computer, now open your file explorer in your computer by following this methods.

  • Open the Start menu and click Computer to explorer files or
  • In the desktop click My Computer icon

After entering the my computer icon. you can find various types of device just look for the icon which representing your android device. after finding the device just double click the icon to explore files of your mobile. if your using any memory card it also show that device. now you can click and browse folders, files in your PC. just drag and drop or copy paste files from android device to PC or PC to android device and share the memories.

Android file transfers for Mac computers

Android file transfer it is bit difficult from windows operating system but don’t very it’s still pretty darn easy.first you need to download and install Android File Transfer program.

To use this program your Mac must be running OS X 10.5 or later and your mobile must be Android 3.0 or later.simply Just connect your mobile to the computer with the help of USB cable turn your phone and unlock.the device give you same USB notification in your PC described above.

See the notification and select “Transfer files.” Android File Transfer program automatically open and you can easily browse phone’s storage files and you can transfer files.

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