What is a domain name ? How to register a domain ?

What is a domain name ? How to register a domain name ?

A domain name helps to reach an IP address.If I tell you my domain name – XYZ.com , you will be easily able to reach my web address.A domain name helps to reach a website without knowing the IP address.


How many kinds of domain names

The main top level domain names are .com for companies, .net fot network , .org for organizations.edu for schools or colleges ; .gov for government websites.

It is important that you choose a good domain name for your website.Choose a domain name that is short ; easy to remember.Which has some originality ; is easy to spell.

Register a domain name

There are a no. of websites where you can register a domain name.Go to Go Daddy.If you are register for the first time you will need to register ; create a new account

Once you have completed the registration or if you are returning to the site you can click on Sign in.Click on Register to open a new account.Click on Create My Account .Fill the various fields.Enter the email address and choose the username.Choose a password.It the password should be 9 characters long and must contain an upper case letter no.

Now you need to choose a 4 digit call in PIN.If you need to call customer service for any issues you will need to give them the 4 digit PIN.It is ask you not to choose a sequential PIN such as 1234 or 1111.Choose a PIN which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.Choose a PIN ; click on Create Account.

Now inside the Go Daddy site.There is an alert ; it is ask you  to update profile in 30 secs.Choose I own a business or non-profit for what best describes you; click Next.Choose Educational Services for the question “Which best describes your business”.quickly finish this 4-5 question survey

logged in the Go Daddy site.Click on the + icon.It is informing us that we don’t have any domains.Click on the link which says you Get One Now.You are directed to a new page.

If someone register a domain display a message it is not available.If someone else tries to register the domain name they will get this message.However a no. of alternate options are given below.such as

Since there is a sale going on you can get this domain name cheaper.Click on Continue to Cart.This domain name has been added to our cart.

You have a few options.In the first step you can protect your personal information.If you purchase this , no one will be able to know who owns this domain name.There are a no. of bots on the internet who spam your email id.Privacy option can help protect against that. However this is optional & you can purchase it or you can choose to proceed by clicking No Thanks .

Purchase the privacy protection which costs approx. Rs.500.Next you can purchase the website builder & hosting or you can purchase the hosting separately.Next you can add an email address for your business.You can add your name to the domain name to create the new email address.Click on Continue to Cart.Click on the shopping cart icon on top which says checkout now . Now in the shopping cart .You can choose for what duration you want this domain name .You can choose to purchase the domain name for 1, 2 , 3 , 5 or 10 years .You can keep your domain name private or public.If you keep this public , your personal information will be visible on the domain name.Click on Proceed to Checkout.