What is Fiverr Create New Fiverr Account

What is a Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for services in layman terms it’s an online market where services can be bought and sold the unique thing about Fiverr is that the price of all services is 5$. Millions of people want diverse things on the internet somebody wants to get a sketch made while someone else wants to get a mobile app someone wants a video and someone else website design and someone wants Facebook page likes

People go on Fiverr to find someone to do this work for them if you can do jobs you can earn money from Fiverr

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Create New Account In Fiverr

First you will need to go to the Fiverr website. Click on the link and click on the Join button on top, enter your email id in the field and Click on Continue

Enter a Username the green colored tick mark means the username is available

Enter the password and click Join

First you will need to activate your account go to your email Inbox and click to open the email received from Fiverr.Click on the green button to Activate your account

You can choose to edit your profile click on edit your profile

Enter the full name

Email has been entered next you need to provide the billing information

Enter the name or business name to which the monthly invoices will be addressed

Enter the Full name

Enter the address

Choose the country

Click on Save Changes the account settings have been updated you can see a tick mark on top and you need to complete a few tasks.First update your profile click on Update Now you need to upload your profile photo click on Choose Photo and upload a photo and enter some details about yourself needs to be in English

Services can be offered on Fiverr

You can design a webpage or make a mobile app or can make a short video for someone and you can record a song or your voice

Some people get videos uploaded on their You Tube channel get tagging done,some people get work done to increase traffic to their website and some get a Facebook page made while others want likes for their Facebook page or Instagram.There are thousands of jobs that can be done and for each job you can earn approx. 5$

These services or jobs are called gigs.You get paid after the job is finished fiverr deducts 20% or $1 and pays $4 to you there are different categories of jobs if you know how to make a video you can click on any of videos and click on Intros

A no. of people are displayed who are offering their services and those have highest ratings are displayed on top

Fiverr Payment option

It have 2 payment options, Paypal or Fiverr Revenue card

If you have a Paypal account the money will be transferred directly to your Paypal account.

If you don’t have a Paypal account click to apply for a Revenue Card and this is actually a debit card from the Payoneer company.

All payment will be transferred to the card and you can withdraw the money from the card.