How To Create New Gmail Account

These days there are several free email services available. such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. So… come on! Let’s open an e-mail account.

Create New Gmail Account 2018

Create New Gmail Account

Open the Browser. After opening the Browser, type “GMAIL.COM” in the address bar above. the Gmail home page is open now.

Gmail Account opening  for the first time you have to click on the red button ‘Create An Account’. As soon as you click on the button, a new page opens up and there is a form here.As soon you fill the form, new email account will have opened.When you fill this form, please enter details about yourself

You have to input the name, you have to choose a username.But the username should be such that it is easy to remember and unique. Someone else should not have taken that username already.

If there are many people with the same name as you, it is often hard to get your desired username. That’s why people often use a combination of letters and numbers to get a unique username

You try to add some numbers to name and make the username unique…and then see if it is available and did not get a a red colored message below

Now being asked for a password. A password is like a key and you should always keep this secret. Choose a password that is easy to remember and one which others cannot guess easily. For now, you input yours password. you have to make strong password. If you enter a simple password, anyone can guess it

Now you have to re-type the password typed. You must remember that the two passwords must be identical and exactly match. now put Date of Birth and the gender Your being asked for a mobile number an an email address. But you does not have an email address so leave this blank. If you do not want to input the Mobile number and email address, you can leave it empty. Now in the next field, Your being told to prove that your not a robot. Often hackers create bots that may create fake ids. So gmail has created a verification step so you need to type the letters above on the field below. If your not able to read the letters clearly, you can press the refresh button and get a new set of letters

Next is Location and select you location. Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can read the Terms of Service by clicking . But you have read these before hand so you have to click and to ‘Next Step’.

On clicking ‘Next Step’ a new page opens up… and now your email address is ready. Now you being asking to upload a profile photo. but you do not have a photo right now so you going to skip this for now… and click on the blue button ‘next step’

On clicking ‘Next Step’ a new page opens up. you see ‘Welcome message’ and your email address  has been created. Click on the blue button ‘Continue to Gmail’. Once you press the button, your inside the Gmail inbox where the Gmail team has sent you 3 emails and this is your welcome message.The email account is ready!. but remember, you have just logged into the email account

If you want to sign out, click on the arrow above button above and you will be signed out of Gmail. and now your back where you started – on the Gmail login page. Remember – please do not share your password with anyone. Please note it some where and keep it safely so that if you forget it you can refer to the paper or dairy.

What is Fiverr Create New Fiverr Account

What is a Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for services in layman terms it’s an online market where services can be bought and sold the unique thing about Fiverr is that the price of all services is 5$. Millions of people want diverse things on the internet somebody wants to get a sketch made while someone else wants to get a mobile app someone wants a video and someone else website design and someone wants Facebook page likes

People go on Fiverr to find someone to do this work for them if you can do jobs you can earn money from Fiverr

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Create New Account In Fiverr

First you will need to go to the Fiverr website. Click on the link and click on the Join button on top, enter your email id in the field and Click on Continue

Enter a Username the green colored tick mark means the username is available

Enter the password and click Join

First you will need to activate your account go to your email Inbox and click to open the email received from Fiverr.Click on the green button to Activate your account

You can choose to edit your profile click on edit your profile

Enter the full name

Email has been entered next you need to provide the billing information

Enter the name or business name to which the monthly invoices will be addressed

Enter the Full name

Enter the address

Choose the country

Click on Save Changes the account settings have been updated you can see a tick mark on top and you need to complete a few tasks.First update your profile click on Update Now you need to upload your profile photo click on Choose Photo and upload a photo and enter some details about yourself needs to be in English

Services can be offered on Fiverr

You can design a webpage or make a mobile app or can make a short video for someone and you can record a song or your voice

Some people get videos uploaded on their You Tube channel get tagging done,some people get work done to increase traffic to their website and some get a Facebook page made while others want likes for their Facebook page or Instagram.There are thousands of jobs that can be done and for each job you can earn approx. 5$

These services or jobs are called gigs.You get paid after the job is finished fiverr deducts 20% or $1 and pays $4 to you there are different categories of jobs if you know how to make a video you can click on any of videos and click on Intros

A no. of people are displayed who are offering their services and those have highest ratings are displayed on top

Fiverr Payment option

It have 2 payment options, Paypal or Fiverr Revenue card

If you have a Paypal account the money will be transferred directly to your Paypal account.

If you don’t have a Paypal account click to apply for a Revenue Card and this is actually a debit card from the Payoneer company.

All payment will be transferred to the card and you can withdraw the money from the card.

How To Create a New Facebook Accout

In order to open a Facebook account, it is essential that you have an email address.If you do not have an email address, you cannot open a Facebook account and if you want to know how to open an Email account “How to open an Email account”

Open a new Facebook account, it is essential that you have an email address.If you do not have an email address, you cannot open a Facebook account and if you want to know how to open an Email account “Open an Email account

Create New Facebook Account

Now open a new Facebook account.If you already have a Facebook account, you can log in, in the Blue strip area.But if your Signing up for the first time in Facebook, you will have to create an account

First name , put in the Surname, email address,input the email address again,typed the email address again and input a password

Chose a password that only you know and one which is difficult for others to guess often people use a combination of letters and alphabets in the password at the moment, (Example) chose a password is my password but it is not necessary that you chose the same password you can choose any password you like put the birth date after the birthday, it is ask you to input the Gender and then you can click on this green ‘Sign-up button’

If you wish to, you can read their Terms, Data use Policy and Cookie Use but I have read these before so go straight and Sign-up click on the green Sign-up button as soon as you press the Sign-up button, a new page opens up in Facebook

Facebook is ask to add your Friends but it is not necessary that you complete this step right now If you want to proceed, you may want to click on ‘Skip this step’ after clicking Skip, we are on Step 2

In Step 2, being asked for your Profile info being asked details of your School, College and Employer now in the third step, asked to upload a photo you can even upload a photo from your computer’s webcam

Now you see your Facebook account is ready!

But the Sign-up process is not complete yet if you see above, Facebook is telling you to go to  email address and complete the sign-up process which means to complete the process, you will have to go into your email Inbox and need to verify the email address after verifying your email address yours Facebook account is ready to use.

What is a domain name ? How to register a domain ?

What is a domain name ? How to register a domain name ?

A domain name helps to reach an IP address.If I tell you my domain name – , you will be easily able to reach my web address.A domain name helps to reach a website without knowing the IP address.


How many kinds of domain names

The main top level domain names are .com for companies, .net fot network , .org for for schools or colleges ; .gov for government websites.

It is important that you choose a good domain name for your website.Choose a domain name that is short ; easy to remember.Which has some originality ; is easy to spell.

Register a domain name

There are a no. of websites where you can register a domain name.Go to Go Daddy.If you are register for the first time you will need to register ; create a new account

Once you have completed the registration or if you are returning to the site you can click on Sign in.Click on Register to open a new account.Click on Create My Account .Fill the various fields.Enter the email address and choose the username.Choose a password.It the password should be 9 characters long and must contain an upper case letter no.

Now you need to choose a 4 digit call in PIN.If you need to call customer service for any issues you will need to give them the 4 digit PIN.It is ask you not to choose a sequential PIN such as 1234 or 1111.Choose a PIN which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.Choose a PIN ; click on Create Account.

Now inside the Go Daddy site.There is an alert ; it is ask you  to update profile in 30 secs.Choose I own a business or non-profit for what best describes you; click Next.Choose Educational Services for the question “Which best describes your business”.quickly finish this 4-5 question survey

logged in the Go Daddy site.Click on the + icon.It is informing us that we don’t have any domains.Click on the link which says you Get One Now.You are directed to a new page.

If someone register a domain display a message it is not available.If someone else tries to register the domain name they will get this message.However a no. of alternate options are given below.such as

Since there is a sale going on you can get this domain name cheaper.Click on Continue to Cart.This domain name has been added to our cart.

You have a few options.In the first step you can protect your personal information.If you purchase this , no one will be able to know who owns this domain name.There are a no. of bots on the internet who spam your email id.Privacy option can help protect against that. However this is optional & you can purchase it or you can choose to proceed by clicking No Thanks .

Purchase the privacy protection which costs approx. Rs.500.Next you can purchase the website builder & hosting or you can purchase the hosting separately.Next you can add an email address for your business.You can add your name to the domain name to create the new email address.Click on Continue to Cart.Click on the shopping cart icon on top which says checkout now . Now in the shopping cart .You can choose for what duration you want this domain name .You can choose to purchase the domain name for 1, 2 , 3 , 5 or 10 years .You can keep your domain name private or public.If you keep this public , your personal information will be visible on the domain name.Click on Proceed to Checkout.